U.S. Faces Constitutional Crisis. Shocking!

The United States faces an unprecedented challenge as scholars associated with Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign reported shocking results of studying Article 5, Section 3, Clause 13 of the United States constitution. According to Sanders’ campaign, Article 5.3.13 specifically states that to be eligible to run for Presidential, a candidate must have been born in one of the states comprising the United States at the time the constitution was adopted.

“I am the only candidate running in either party that was born in one of the original 13 colonies,” Sanders stated. “Thus I am the only candidate eligible to run for President.”

Republican candidate Donald Trump’s campaign responded quickly. “Donald Trump was born in the great state of New York,” his spokesperson stated. “Mr. Trump has released his birth certificate. Senator Sanders, however, has not. Thus we believe Mr. Trump has the only undisputed claim to the Oval Office at this time.”

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