Trump Refuses to Debate if Fiorina Present

Greenville, South Carolina – Businessman and Presidential candidate Donald Trump added another chapter to his mercurial debate record today when he announced that he would not participate in Saturday night’s debate if former Presidential candidate Carly Fiorina is present.

“Who could look at that face and debate?” he said when asked for comment. “A presidential debate requires concentration–huge concentration. I don’t care that she has dropped out. She should have dropped out. She was losing, and I mean losing big time. She should not be in the audience Saturday night. She has no business being the audience. She needs to go home, spend time with her family, maybe, and meet with a personal stylist maybe. No, she needs to meet with a personal stylist definitely.”

A spokesperson for CBS news said, “We are still in negotiations with Mr. Trump and we are in communication with Ms. Fiorina. We are not aware of any plans for Ms. Fiorina to attend Saturday’s debate. At this point we believe the debate will proceed as planned with remaining candidates participating, including Mr. Trump.”

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