Quiz: Do You Know Which Century Your Presidential Election Is In?

1828 vs 2016Election Quiz

The eerie parallels between the presidential elections of 1828 and 2016 are almost too similar to believe. Can you tell which election is which?

Question 1828 2016
1. One candidate was accused by establishment politicians of being too rude and uncouth to be fit for office. He was considered to be crass and uncultured. The establishment was concerned that if the candidate was elected there would be a complete loss of decorum in the White House and government would never be the same. ? ?
2. Candidate’s wife was accused of being a “bimbo” with morals too loose to occupy the White House. ? ?
3. Candidate was accused of being a pimp, including providing American girls for the Russian president. ? ?
4. Candidate was considered to be aloof and went for months at a time without talking with the press. ? ?
5. One candidate had served as secretary of state and the other candidate was a popular folk hero who had never held elected office. ? ?
6. One candidate accused the other candidate of being a murderer and distributed pictures of coffins with the names of the men the candidate was alleged to have murdered. ? ?
7. One candidate was viewed as the establishment candidate and had a family member who had previously been President, while the other was viewed as being the candidate of the people, but likely unqualified to be President. ? ?
8. One candidate charged that the political system was rigged and that the other candidate was trying to steal the election. ? ?
9. One candidate accused the other of adultery. ? ?
10. One candidate was described as a violent man with a violent temper who was too unpredictable to occupy the White House. ? ?

When you have finished the quiz, click here for the answers.

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