Mattel Releases Presidential Debate Action Figures

PR Newswire — Mattel Corporation announced today the release of a set of Presidential Debate action figures. “Mattel’s motto is Creating the Future of Play,” Mattel’s CEO stated. “Nothing is more important to our future than our nation’s leadership. We are proud to have created a play set that introduces children ages 1-9 to a core feature of American politics in an enjoyable and educational way.”DebateActionFigures

The Mattel design team faced distinct challenges in designing the action figures. “Most of the candidates wave and clap,” the head designer reported. “We ran into some technical issues with the  Ted Cruz figure, so that one ended up being completely rigid.”

The Mattel team also faced legal challenges. Mattel’s CEO said, “Secretary Clinton would not give us a release to use her likeness. She told us, ‘It takes a village to raise a child; not a bunch of plastic.’ Bernie Sanders objected to using his likeness to support capitalism. Our design team did not think children would play with a Martin O’Malley action figure, so we have only Republican action figures.”

Another design consideration was that Donald Trump’s legal team insisted that his action figure be larger than any others by at least 25%. His team also insisted that the Jeb Bush action figure be smaller than any of the others. This resulted in a two-to-one difference in the sizes of the figures.

Pricing for the figures was not available at price time. Pricing is available from Mattel’s website.

Mattel, Inc. is an American multinational toy manufacturing company founded in 1945 with headquarters in El Segundo, California. In 2014, it ranked #403 on the Fortune 500.

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