Hillary’s Controversial New Hairstyle is Breaking the Internet

See the amazing hair style that almost broke the internet!

CHAPPAQUA, NY.  Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton stunned politicos today when she debuted a controversial new hair style. Long known for frequent changes to her hair style, Secretary Clinton’s new bob raised eyebrows worldwide. “I don’t know what to make of it,” outgoing British Prime Minister David Cameron commented.

“Definitely not someone I want to negotiate with,” Russian President Vladimir Putin replied.

Reactions stateside were more mixed. “People only comment on her hair because she’s female. It’s pure sexism,” observed CNN anchor Anderson Cooper.

“I just got tired of ‘Cheeto Jesus’ getting all the attention for his appearance,” the candidate herself explained. “He dominates the news cycle for no reason. I thought it was time for me to dominate the news cycle for no reason.”

Polling data at press time had not yet been updated to reflect the candidate’s controversial coif.

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