Candidate Clinton OK’s Former President’s Playboy Bash

SAN FRANCISCO — Former President Bill Clinton was in attendance for Playboy’s unveiling of its first non-nude issue–apparently with Secretary Clinton’s blessing. “I applaud Playboy’s transition toward focusing more on literature and less on nudity,” the 40th president commented briefly. “The change in the magazine’s emphasis is a highly visible step toward leveling the playing field for women in our country.”

According to others at Playboy’s extravagant Superbowl bash, the former president stayed a short time for photos and then returned to the San Jose airport to rejoin Secretary Clinton’s campaign in New Hampshire.

Clinton’s decision to attend the party drew prompt criticism from Republicans. “Playboy has a 50-year history of exploiting young women,” Ted Cruz stated through a spokesperson. “With President Clinton’s questionable track record in treatment of women, this seems highly insensitive and inappropriate.”

Candidate Trump took to social media for his commentary:



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