Clintons to Follow Sanders: Donate Foundation Fortune to Federal Government

Clintons agree to turn over the Clinton Foundation's assets and management to the Federal government.

Little Rock, Arkansas — Hillary Clinton announced the Clintons’ plans to donate the Clinton Foundation’s assets to the Federal government.

Clinton made the announcement at a campaign stop in Little Rock. “When Senator Sanders announced his plans to donate his $60 million inheritance to the Federal government earlier this week, Bill and Chelsea and I discussed it. We have more than $60 million in the Clinton Foundation–just to be clear, we have at least $1 billion more than Senator Sanders–but we agreed that his logic was unassailable. We cannot imagine a better steward for our money than the Federal government. The Federal government will eke every last bit of value from the money it has to work with. I don’t know why we even considered managing the money through our own private charity when the Federal government would do such a better job of it.”

Residents of Little Rock seemed enthusiastic about the Clinton’s decision. Bob Copeburg, a pipe fitter in Little Rock, commented, “I agree with the Clintons. It really is a no brainer to donate the Clinton Foundation assets to the Federal government, where the assets can do the most good.”

Bernie Sanders congratulated the Clintons. “I am glad I have been able to provide some small amount of leadership to the Clintons. I’m sure I speak for every person in American when I say, ‘Thank you’ to the Clintons for their donation to the Federal government.”

Secretary Clinton did not comment on whether she and the former President Clinton would also be donating any of their personal fortune to the Federal government. Bill Clinton is the richest living President. The Clinton’s combined net worth has been estimated at approximately $150 million. 

The Clinton Foundation has raised more than $2 billion since its inception. 

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