Bernie Sanders: Wealthy Heir to KFC Fortune

To Tally Nöttr Üe has learned that Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic Socialist who lives modestly in the state of Vermont, has a net worth of approximately $45 million.

SandersWithBucketSanders has downplayed his relationship with his wealthy uncle, the late Colonel Sanders. But the portion of Colonel Sanders’ estate that was left to his nephew was worth more than $10 million at the time of Sanders’ death in 1980. An economist interviewed by To Tally Nöttr Üe estimated that the $10 million Sanders inherited in 1980 would have grown to approximately $45 million in 2016. “Senator Sanders lives very modestly. Even with the most conservative investment assumptions, his net worth would be in the range of $45-$75 million today.”

When asked to comment, the Clinton campaign responded, “Senator Sanders has gone to great lengths to describe himself as a socialist, and now we find that he has family ties to one of the most exploitative employers in America–KFC. KFC never pays its workers more than minimum wage, and it uses processed chicken. This is deeply troubling.”

The Sanders campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comments.

Uncle and nephew before the elder Sanders’ death in 1980. 

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