History of To Tally Nöttr Üe

PublishersTo Tally Nöttr Üe was founded as a weekly newspaper by Nicolae Badica shortly after he arrived in Pierre, South Dakota in 1889. Badica had immigrated to the United States from Moldavia, just as South Dakota was receiving its statehood and Pierre was becoming the new state capital. Badica believed that the Moldovan community near Pierre would grow sufficiently to support a weekly newspaper and would value a publication that would preserve Moldovan heritage.

Badica believed strongly in community, and so his newspaper emphasized themes and content that he believed would build community, even at the expense of journalistic accuracy. The name of the newspaper “To Tally Nöttr Üe” is Moldovan for “To speak without restraint and with great passion,” which reflected Badica’s highly individualistic approach to journalism.

Newspaper-1906The newspaper went on to operate as a weekly newspaper for more than 100 years, making it one of the longest continuously-running newspapers in America.

Nicolae Badica passed away 1923, at which point his eldest son, Petru Badica took over the family business. Petru Badica continued to operate the newspaper for almost 50 years, until poor health caused him to pass control of the paper to his son Mihai Badica in 1971. Mihai Badica operated the paper for only 10 years, passing control of the newspaper to his daughter Musa Cazacul in 1981. Ms. Cazacul operated the newspaper until her retirement in 2010. At that point the paper passed to Mihai’s grandson, Jacob “Jake” Badica (Musa Cazacul’s nephew).

Under Jake Badica’s leadership, the newspaper was modernized and brought online. The online format allowed our newspaper to move past its historical mission of being a weekly, regional publication focused primarily on issues of interest to the South Dakota Moldovan community, and evolve into a focus to national and international issues. We now bring the quality of news that generations of South Dakotan readers have come to expect from To Tally Nöttr Üe to an audience world wide.

After more than 125 years, we could not be more proud to continue the journalistic traditions begun by Nicolae Badica all those long years ago.

Publisher: Jake Badica

National Editor: Stephen McDougal

World Editor: Michael Zeppelinberger

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